Friday, November 18, 2011

New Outfits to Benefit RFL

When I made the new Cyber Slut outfit, I made twelve colors and decided that the outfit was so perfect and so hot that three of them should be sold exclusively to benefit Relay For Life, vendors can be found both at my shop with the link above and HERE.

Blue and Yellow are for sale in vendors for 150L$ each.

Green is a gift for donating to a specific kiosk that can be found above its picture in the stores. The minimum gift is 1L$.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Exclusive Items

Some new exclusive items only available from Relay For Life Vendors have been donated by Pop Tart & Urban Assault. Pretty purple skirts each available for 75L$ each. So head on over either to the Pop Tart & Urban Assault main store or to the Relay For Life Shop where you'll find them in the off season vendors. Unfortunately there's no gift giving option so drag your friends down to purchase them!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Look!

As we get ready for the Quarantine Hunt, I've decided to give the blog a little bit of an updated look. Applications for the Quarantine Hunt will be accepted from Oct 1st to Oct 31st. The actual hunt will take place in December.
Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Relay, New Chance

It's 2011 and it's time for Relay again. We're team 21 this time around and we'll be putting on events again to raise money.

Last year we raised

Team Totals as of 2/10/11 @ 3:09 PM SLT

On Season: 30880L$

Off Season:

Recycle For Relay: 2301L$

Wild Wild West Hunt: 30437L$

If you're on the team, or would like to be, we need ideas for events. If you're not on the team and want to be, contact JoseDiego Silverspar.


Everyone must participate in one way or another this year, if you don't participate in some way, you'll be asked to leave. I did most of the work last year, it's not going to happen again this year. You don't have to own a sim, make pretty things, or have a million L$ to help. Ideas are enough, even helping to put someone else's idea into practice is enough. Just as long as you participate in some way.

Events can be anything from DJing, to dancing, to auctions of breedables, to selling exclusive items, auctioning off exclusive items, so forth. As long as it fits into RFL's guidelines, it's open for inclusion.

Recycle For Relay:

Recycle is still up and running and will be for as long as there are items to put in it. We've moved and the link on the page has been updated to reflect the new location. Come shop and see if you can find that elusive item you've been looking for or contact JoseDiego Silverspar about donations. Donations can either be items you've made exclusively for RFL or anything transferable that you've grown tired of wearing!

Kiosks and Vendors:

These will be available on March 11, 2011 and I'll be shipping them out to all of you when I get them. If you raise money between now and then, you're welcome to either put it into a general kiosk that goes to the general fund or you may contact me and we can wait until the team kiosks come out.

There will be more than one option for vendors this time around. Instead of being an all inclusive vendor, they'll have them separated. So far there will be a garage sale vendor (without the stupid arrows), and a regular one. I'm still waiting to hear about more.
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recycle for Relay has moved!

Margo was doing some rearranging and the mall has been moved to a new location! Below you'll find the new SLurl and the other links have been updated too. not as much room as before and there is an Elevator by the door!

Come Recycle!


There are very few out there who can say they haven't been touched by cancer in one way or another. Relay For Life is here to collect money for cancer research and the Mieville Steampunks are just one team working to help raise that money.

In 2010, Mieville Steam Punks was Team 113 in Relay For Life of Second Life.

In 2011, Mieville Steam Punks are Team 21 in Relay For Life of Second Life.


Plaid-ie-pus Skirt 75
Barely Skirt 75
Sanguine Skirt 75
Holla Skirt 75
Pawed Skirt 150
Cyber Slut Green 934
Cyber Slut Blue 150
Cyber Slut Yellow 0
Petey Peterson 106
Apothercary Table 300
Hourglass Mesh Kit 2250
Allegra RFL 500
Total 7/20/12 4690

2012 Season

Exclusives 3574L$
RFL Shop 148L$
Kiosks 1394L$
Hunt & Other 20652L$
Total 7/20/12 25768L$


2011 Season

2011 Season 7695L$
RFR Kiosk 1704L$
RFR Vendors 150L$
Steam Hunt Party 2450L$
Quarantine Hunt 34679L$
Kiosks @ PT&UA 601L$
Little Extras 10L$
RFL Merchant Area 200L$
Total 1/1/12 47489L$

2010 Relay

2010 Season 30880L$
RFL Shop 2391L$
WWW Hunt 30437L$
Total 63708L$